SolarStar® Electrical Energy System

Renewable Technologies, Inc. uses it patented Solarstar® system to provide solar power to meet your needs. With an RTI energy audit you can save thousands by reducing energy before producing energy! Lowering your electrical usage will reduce the size of the solar system your facility will require and reduce your system cost. Below are frequently asked questions and answers that may help you learn more about the solar energy process.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. RTI has been in operation for over 20 years and can provide a solution to your industrial, commercial, or agricultural needs.

Solar Energy Storage

Storing excess energy to be utilized when needed is a hallmark of RTI’s SolarStar® System design.  Contact us to find out how energy storage can benefit your operation.


How Solar Energy Operates

A photovoltaic (solar electric) system literally means photo, (produced by light) and voltaic, (electricity produced by a chemical reaction). With a SolarStar® Electrical Energy System you get 100% clean electricity from the Sun so that you can become your own YOUtility.