Morada Produce 1MW

System Description
Modules: (2,478) model MSE420SX6W, manufactured by Mission Solar
Inverter: (10) model SE 100KUS (480V), manufactured by SolarEdge For
General: 1040.76kW DC STC rated Solar Photovoltaic, Canopy Structure

For Morada Produce Company, Renewable Technologies, Inc. (RTI) completed the design and installation of a 1MW canopy structure solar photovoltaic system. RTI designed and built this structure 24’ in the air for the customer to park all of their AG equipment under. We were the General contractor on the project with our crews installing the solar portion. The lightweight roof mounting structure designed for the installation of the 2,478 modules on the building incorporated catwalks for future service and maintenance of the system. For maximum benefit to the customer, we submitted to PG&E’s Net Energy Metering Aggregation program.

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